Pulsar Logistics Park Ontígola A-4

The logistics platform built by Pulsar Properties in Ontígola will enable the expansion of the e-commerce capacity of the company specialized in logistics operations for the fashion and retail sectors.

Logisfashion expands its operational capacity in Ontígola to respond to the growth in the volume of merchandise associated with e-commerce and the demand of new customers. This important expansion can be carried out through the new logistics center, built by Pulsar Properties, which has the seal of quality and innovation associated with the company's logistics products.

It is a facility that has an area of ​​35,000 square meters, distributed in 20,000 square meters of warehouse and 620 meters built for offices, as well as 21 loading and unloading docks. Located in the Ontígola industrial area, the new operations center will have the latest technology for the logistics sector. In this context, the installation will have large photovoltaic panels for the self-consumption of the ship, a clear example of the commitment to sustainability and the reduction of the ecological footprint to a minimum. Along with other elements, it allows it to have LEED Silver sustainability certification, as is customary in all Pulsar Properties logistics assets, and which certifies that it is built with eco-efficiency standards and meets sustainability requirements.

Pulsar Properties adds 5 large logistics projects developed in less than two years: to this one in Ontígola, Toledo, are added: Parets in Barcelona; Fontanar and the two from Torija in Guadalajara. These operations have contributed to increasing the logistics capacity of each of the areas in which Pulsar Properties has materialized its projects, which have become the main logistics nodes of the Iberian Peninsula and the main ones in Southern Europe.

Regarding Logisfashion, it is a multinational company with 23 years of experience and specialization in the fashion & lifestyle industry in a wide range of logistics operations for Retail & Ecommerce.