Pulsar Foundation collaborates with the JOSEP CARRERAS FOUNDATION in the project "A HOME FAR FROM HOME"

The Josep Carreras Foundation provides free accommodation to patients and family members at risk of social or economic exclusion who must move away from their usual home to receive prolonged treatment for leukaemia or other oncological blood diseases.
Many people need to be in direct and frequent contact with the hospital after receiving a transplant. This period ranges between 3 and 9 months, although it is true that in some cases it is even longer. This situation requires long stays near the transplant center. In the same way, it is advisable that, whenever possible, patients are accompanied by their family, an essential fact in the case of child or minor patients. This is an expense for families that can become unaffordable, since it includes accommodation, food and other expenses derived from their stay away from home.

The Pulsar Foundation wanted to contribute its grain of sand to this very necessary project and we encourage everyone who can, to participate. We provide here the link to their website: Fundació Josep Carreras (fcarreras.org).


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