The Caná and Ramón Grosso Foundations share the 10,000 euros of profits

Good weather and the excellent condition of the Montealvar golf course (Yebes, Guadalajara), for the 85 players who participated in the tournament this past Friday.

The day began with the delivery of accreditations, which took place around 8 in the morning, and after breakfast, the tournament started around 9 in the morning. For all those who, although they do not play golf, wanted to collaborate with this cause, an introductory course had been organized, thus giving them the opportunity to start practicing it.

After two o'clock in the afternoon, as the different matches were completed and the course ended, all the participants headed towards the Club House to taste the cocktail, while they chatted animatedly about various events of the game or simply enjoying reunions that propitiate pleasant moments of friendship.

After the cocktail, the lunch was served. The 156 diners who attended it were able to enjoy the usual stew prepared by the golf course's restaurant services. Later, both foundations received contributions of 5,000 euros each from José María Alaña and Miguel Miguez, presidents of Fundación Pulsar and 2BSoluciones. These were the benefits that this VI edition has left.

The Caná Foundation unfolds its activity in Pozuelo de Alarcón, from the Santa María de Caná Parish, and aims to help people with disabilities and their families. Reyes Hernández Hernández, director of this foundation, was accompanied during the act by Victoria Pascual Sande, patron of the Foundation, and by Ana Roche, mother of a patient receiving treatment at said institution.

The Ramón Grosso Foundation, for its part, fulfills the objective of empowering women in Chad through education, sports and health. They offer training opportunities from childhood to favor a future social change of equal opportunities and make visible and alleviate deficiencies in women's health. The Ramón Grosso Foundation was represented by its president Ramón Grosso, son of the legendary Real Madrid player, Ramón Grosso. Who attended the event accompanied by Silvia García, Director of Sports Projects and his wife.

José María Alaña, president of the Pulsar Foundation, celebrated with satisfaction that the foundation he chairs can continue to maintain the activities that usually organizes and that in 2019 it had been put on stand-by due to the virus and that last year, 2021, they resumed almost as with the "handbrake on" and with a certain presence of masks.

The companies and organizations that have collaborated on this occasion have been: Euroges, Alara, National, TXT, Samsonite, ASD, Savills Investment Management, Continental, Ideus, ATE Outsourcing, Montepino, Alcamar Elevación, Krean, Sener, AKRO Abogados y Asesores, Monzón & Picornell Abogados, Proequity, Inverium Correduría de Seguros, Emiliano Pedraza e Hijos Transportes S.L., Ministry of Defense, Castilla-La Mancha Golf Federation, Nueva Alcarria and Golf Montealvar.

Winners by category:

SCRATCH TROPHY Fernando Ramírez de Haro. 

Sponsoring company: Fundación Pulsar. Award given by José María Alaña. 

1st. CLASSIFIED 1ST CAT. Fernando Reviriego. 

Sponsoring company: 2B Soluciones. Award given by Miguel Miguez. 

1st. CLASSIFIED 2nd CAT. Roberto Bolero Velayos. 

Sponsoring company: Continental. Award given by Guillermo Quintana. 

2nd CLASSIFIED 1st CAT. Ako Pavia Fernández. 

Sponsoring company: TXT. Award given by Marc Castell. 

2nd CLASSIFIED 2nd CAT. Javier Prieto Martín.

Sponsoring company: Samsonite. Award given by Ignacio Miranda


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